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Creative School Philosophy: “Encouraging Children to Become Lifelong Learners”

All children have the basic right to be educated in a safe and nurturing environment. All children should be provided with time, space, and opportunities needed to discover, accept, and develop themselves to their highest potentials. In order to become lifelong learners, young children need to be provided with concrete meaningful experiences to help them develop a positive self esteem, skills in problem solving, creative thinking, self reliance, and interpersonal communications.

Mission Statement

  • To create an educational environment that provides opportunities for children to discover, explore, grow and develop to their own unique potential.
  • To provide a safe, secure and happy place for your children while you are attending class, studying or working.
  • To strengthen and promote family relationships with Creative School by providing support through home-school communications, family-community partnerships and resources for additional services.
  • To provide an opportunity for university students to receive experience and training in working with young children.
  • To provide an opportunity for faculty and graduate students to educational research.

Meet the Creative School Faculty and Staff!

Class Information



Mandy Pleie
Sonia Morales

Seedlings Daily Schedule



Rebecca Lasala
Jorestela Moreno

Sweet Pea Room Daily Schedule



Rebecca Heine
Bimisola Thompson (Bimi)


Our children will be involved in developmentally appropriate activities that will help them learn how to learn rather than what to learn. Expanding and developing language will be our main focus. In our child-centered program, they will be developing primary life skills which include using language to meet one’s needs, problem solving, making choices, conflict resolution, independence, a concept of safety and cause and effect. Our children enter as young egocentric toddlers and emerge as young cooperative learners.

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Karissa Lloyd
Lindell Jones

We will provide a safe, nurturing, comfortable and respectful environment for the children. Learning should be fun! Children enjoy active participation in areas of their own choice. We will facilitate their learning by providing many and varied age appropriate experiences. We will encourage independence so they will experience the excitement of their accomplishments.

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Julymar Rodriguez
Stephanie Gravell

We want children to enjoy discovering and learning about themselves and their environment. We will foster a creative, fun, and safe atmosphere where they can explore the world around them. Our experiences will be planned around the children’s interests and their needs.

Mulberries Daily Schedule


VPK A: Ages 4-5

Harriet Holaday
Victoria Lloyd

We have a strong desire to give each child the tools they need to develop their individual personalities. We want to build and nurture their self-confidence by providing hands-on activities, small group learning and large group participation. We want to prepare them for their life long learning process by allowing them to develop at their own pace. Most importantly, we want them to want to be a part of the EE4 class and learn to interact with their peers, their teachers, and their environment. Each day the Creative School should be a special day for that child. It is our goal to make sure that it is!

VPK A Daily Schedule


VPK B: Ages 4-5

Amie Morris
Bria Holmes

Our program is designed to involve the total child in the learning process through hands-on experiences. Cooperative learning will be encouraged and planned experiences will promote development of critical thinking skills and problem solving. The individuality and creativity of each child is recognized, accepted and fostered by providing various approaches to learning.

VPK B Daily Schedule


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